Voting opens in the PollDaddy Powered TechCrunch Europa awards


PollDaddy is proud to be providing the voting mechanism for the inaugural TechCrunch Europe Awards. Almost 100 different companies, entrepreneurs, and investors have been nominated for awards in 14 different categories.  You can vote online in all of these categories over the next week. Voting closes on the 2nd of July next week. If you are interested in European start ups then head on over for a look!

Award categories

The Europas: Best Web Application Or Service (EMEA)

The Europas: Best Design

The Europas: Best Bootstrapped Startup (less than 3 years old)

The Europas: Best Social Innovation (which benefits society, EMEA)

The Europas: Best Enterprise / B2B Startup (EMEA)

The Europas: Best Cleantech / Environmental Startup (EMEA)

The Europas: Best European / Real World Gadget (EMEA)

The Europas: Best Entertainment Application or Service (EMEA)

The Europas: Best Mobile Startup (EMEA)

The Europas: Best Mobile Application (EMEA)

The Europas: Best Startup Founder(s)

The Europas: Best Investor (VC or Angel fund, EMEA)

The Europas: Best Investor Personality (EMEA)

The Europas: Best New Startup, Summer 2008-2009

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