PollDaddy WordPress.org Plugin Updated

We have updated the WordPress plugin to version 1.2

This version has fixed the last two remaining known bugs. The first bug was very tricky to locate as it was specific to the user’s hosts contraints.

Basically, when the plugin is installed, it requires you to login to retrieve an API key from PollDaddy. This key allows the plugin to communicate with PollDaddy. The request for the key uses SSL, however we found out that some hosts block SSL requests… so the plugin never retrieves an API key and thus, does not work for some users. We have now included an option to make a normal http request in this case.

The other bug was minor. After you logged in, the page would not redirect to the polls list… we have added a fix to correct this.

As far as we are aware, this release will resolve all known issues and from now on, we plan to keep adding more functionality to the plugin.

If you have any feedback about this plugin, please leave feedback here or use our feedback form.

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