Dates now localized

UTC Settings

We have updated the site to allow you to enter a UTC offset or timezone in your account profile settings. This offset will now be applied to all the dates across the site, including the reports. Most importantly, this offset will allow you to localize all these dates relative to your timezone.

The reason we choose to change to UTC timezones rather than use standard GMT timezones, was because we found it more rigid and issues with DST cropped up. We choose a simpler offset for now but we’re pretty sure it will meet everyone’s requirements.

On the account profile page, you will now find a UTC setting, with an up/down counter to allow you to enter your UTC offset. As you click the up/down buttons, the local time relative to the current UTC offset will be displayed.. when this matches your local time, then you have the correct offset. You can set this value to any valid UTC offset and the dates in the poll/survey reports will reflect the new dates relative to this UTC timezone.

If you have any questions on this or anything else, please leave feedback in the comments or on our feedback page and we’ll get back to you.

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