New Feature: Email Notification


Example of an email notification

We have added a new and frequently requested feature to the survey palette. This feature allows you to subscribe to email notifications for new survey responses.

Just enter an email address where you want the emails to be sent to, click the button to enable notifications and you are all set. An email will then be sent with every new response to your survey.

This can be handy to access a surveys progress and is more secure than subscribing to the RSS feed. Each email will give you the full response to the survey questions as well as the time the response was submitted and the location of the the respondent.

Keep your feature requests/suggestions coming, as we intend to add what we can as soon as we can and of course we always appreciate feedback..

8 thoughts on “New Feature: Email Notification

  1. How can you track the emails of the respondents? I see the IP addresses are tracked. Can you follow who is responding by their email address? We are sending our survey link out via email blast and are hoping to track who has taken the survey.


  2. Is there a function that allows me to have the survey emailed to the participant (so they can keep a copy of it)?


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