PollDaddy, San Francisco and WordCamp


WordCamp SF 2009For the next 2 weeks, team PollDaddy will be on the road for WordCamp SF 2009. Both Eoin and I will be on hand during WordCamp to answer any questions you have about using PollDaddy on WordPress and elsewhere. If you are passionate about blogging or developing for WordPress, PollDaddy, Intense Debate, BuddyPress etc. then why not come along?

“WordCamp San Francisco is a conference organized by the creators of WordPress for our users and developers. Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other.” via wordcamp.org

The speaker line up is super impressive: Matt Cutts, Tim Ferriss, Philip Greenspun, Dave Gray, Douglas Hanna, Tara Hunt, Cali Lewis, John Lilly, Dave Moyer, Matt Mullenweg, Andy Peatling, Chris Pirillo, Scott Porad and Steve Souders. What a line up! All of this in one day for just $25. There are still some places left if you would like to come along.

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