New Feature: Detailed survey response RSS feeds

Today we are rolling out a feature that some of you have been asking for lately. Our Survey RSS feeds were a little short on detail up to now. Previously you could only see how many people had responded to your survey,  you could not see the actual responses. Well all that stops today! Now you can see each response in full as it comes in through your RSS reader.

We have had to change around how this works due to a number of security concerns. First up, your current RSS feeds for  surveys will stop working. You will need to subscribe to a new feed to get your data. Since a lot of common RSS reader do not support authentication, these new feeds come with a  slight health warning.

From now on survey feeds will be disabled by default. You will need to go to the ‘Survey Overview’ page and click on the ‘Enable RSS Feed’ button to get access to a feed for that survey. The URL you will get for your feed will be encrypted so that no one will be able to guess it, but the feed will technically be public once you enable it. So if you were to share your feed URL with someone else they would be able to see all of your survey responses as they come in. So if you do enable a feed for your survey please take care of it.

Each feed will show the previous 20 responses for any given survey and display them in HTML. Remember, the survey feed should not be used as a reliable data stream of responses, it is only for use in your RSS reader.

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