Twitter Polls working again after brief downtime


We had an issue yesterday with our Twitter Polls app. Twitter made some changes to their API which caused lots of Twitter apps to break around the web. We have made the necessary changes to accommodate this on our side and everything should be working again. If you use Twitter, and would like to post a poll as your status then try out our polling app.

2 thoughts on “Twitter Polls working again after brief downtime

  1. twitter polls should appear in the polls list to manage. Currently once I create a twitter poll I am unable to manage the results, close the poll…

    Why not allow any polls to be posted on twitter?

    Also what about posting polls to facebook? do you have an application there?

    I currently am not using polldaddy for some of my needs because the flash widget is not working properly in Not sure if it is a wiki issue (unlikely since other flash polls work) or browser issue (FireFox or Safari on Mac).

  2. So for a REAL twitter poll, you should have a program that
    1. randomly samples from the followers of a person (probably in a stratified manner by sequence since followers from a given point in time may be similar to each other)
    2. because you have the user’s credentials and everyone is a follower, you can Direct message the followers in the selected sample with individualized URLs for the survey.
    3. Tabulation could report on open rates and on completion rates.

    This would give MUCH richer data to the survey consumer.

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