Annoucing the PollDaddy Powered CNET 2009 Webware Awards!

Yes its that time of year again, the 2009 CNET Webware awards are amongst us. The Webware 100 recognizes the the top 100 web apps each year. From their blog: “The top 100 Web 2.0 apps are selected by Webware readers and by the users of the products we cover. Vote for your favorite products to give them a chance to win Webware 100 awards. There are 10 categories you can vote in you are encouraged to vote in each. Note: There will be a special 11th category where Webware editors select the best products in unique categories, such as Rookie of the Year. These will be announced, with the rest of the winners, on April 19.”

For the past 2 year, PollDaddy have powered the voting process for these awards. The CNET team make use of our widgets, reporting engine and our voter fraud detection. As ever we are delighted to be part of the team. To show your support go vote for your favorite companies in the categories below…

Audio & Music
Apps that help you find and listen to music and audio content like podcasts.
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Browsers, browser helpers, RSS readers, and other tools to display information from the Web.
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Services that are about money: Retailers, payment services, job boards, advertising services.
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Tools for person-to-person communication, like E-mail, instant messaging, and VOIP.
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Infrastructure & Storage
Services that underpin Web sites or store our raw data, and tools for developers.
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Location-based services
New for 2009. Mapping products, location-aware services, and hyper-local content sites.
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Photo & Video
Places to store, view, and edit still pictures and video, and video streaming services.
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Apps for getting work done, both individually, in groups, and company-wide.
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Search & Reference
Search sites and technologies, plus reference services like wikis.
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Social Networking & Publishing
Social networks, both personal and business-focused, and tools to put content on the Web.
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