User showcase: Gizmodo


This week we are taking a look at the Gizmodo live blog for our customer showcase.

gizmodologoGizmodo is a blog with the sole purpose of writing about tech and gadgets as timely and entertainingly as possible. Started in 2002, Gizmodo has grown to be one of the worlds largest blogs, bringing in upwards of a staggering 80 million page views a month in traffic. But the real jewel in the crown is the Gizmodo Live blog. The live blog as its name suggests, is used to “live blog” events as they happen. For instance, when there is an Apple press conference to announce now products, you can read about and see pictures of events as they happen. I have heard rumours that these events can draw up 20m page views in one day on the live blog.

Gizmodo have been using PollDaddy on their live blog to draw live votes from readers. Steve Jobs announces some new iPhone software; 30 seconds later the announcement is on the Gizmodo live blog; 30 seconds later they post a poll asking you what you think of this announcement. Now that is live polling at its best! Before poor old Steve has finished his presentation the public have voted! In their last live blog event, Gizmodo posted a total of 12 polls in less than 2 hours and each one averaged about 17,000 votes. That is a total of over 200,000 votes. You can check out some of their previous polls on PollDaddy Answers.

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