New PollDaddy Plugin Released


Over the past few weeks we have had to make changes to our new API to accommodate some new features. This in turn inadvertently caused our plugin to stop working for some WordPress users. We just launched a new version 1.0 of the plugin to address these issues.

If you are using the plugin then please download the latest version from:

10 thoughts on “New PollDaddy Plugin Released

  1. I use WP 2.7.1 and PollDaddy 1.0. But it still does not work, because in the admin panel PollDaddy does not keep the mail address and the password. If I enter it (and they are correct!), and when I click “send”, mail and password disappear. So I cannot use the plugin, if these data will not be kept in the admin area “options” of the PollDaddy plugin!

    Any idea?

  2. I am also having problems with this. Ive installed it on a very different blogs I have all with different hosts, domain names, etc. Same problem on all of them. Im using the latest version of wordpress and I install it and then go to enter my polldaddy user name and password and it just basically loads and then the entries become blank and it does not accept them. Does anyone have a solution to this?

  3. I’m using WordPress 2.9.1, just found the PollDaddy plugin and installed, but it won’t let me connect to the server with my PollDaddy email address and password. I can create the poll on the PollDaddy site and take the number and insert it into the blog.

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