User Showcase:


This week’s showcase site is the fabulous Lifehacker, a blog that gives out life hack tips to help make your life that bit easier. This ones a personal favorite of mine…

lifehackerLifehacker has been identified by CNET, Wired, Time, and Technorari as one of the top 100 blogs on the web. Since its inception in 2005 they have dispensed a ton of advise on such abstract topics as  Homebrewing Beer to Save Money, Create Crazy Sound Effects with Household Objects, and Turn an Old Contact Lens Case into Ear Bud Protector.

Another blog from the Gawker fold, Lifehacker have been using PollDaddy for the past year  to solicit feedback from their audience and gauge their opinions on current topics from their blog. As a good example, in a recent post on hardware hacking, the staff at Lifehacker used a poll to help decide which method was best to use. Over the course of the day over 4,500 readers cast their vote on the issue. This lets the folks at Lifehacker give their readers a way to contribute their own thoughts to the story.

If you would like to find out how PollDaddy can help better engage your audience then please get in touch!

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