User Showcase: Glamour Magazine

This week we are taking a look at, the online version of the popular women’s magazine of the same name.


Glamour is one of the most influential and critically acclaimed women’s magazines on the planet.  Every month, Glamour empowers over 12.3 million modern readers with the best choices on how to live, look and feel their very best.  Their stylish, award-winning editorial consistently reflects their reader’s interest in the world around them while fueling their aspirational, yet accessible lifestyle. have been using PollDaddy throughout their blog to conduct various polls relating to the content they run each day. They have built their own custom style for the polls which really help them blend in with the content and design on their site. You can see a great example of their use of polls on their Oscar Dresses feature.

You can also build your own customs styles for your polls which is a great way of helping our polls blend in with your content. For more information on creating your own style check out our help section.

You can see a full list of Glamour’s previous polls over on PollDaddy Answers. If you would like any help creating a custom style for your blog, then please contact us.

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