User Showcase: The Consumerist


The user showcase is a new feature we will be running on our blog. Each week will choose one of our users to help showcase their use of PollDaddy.

consumerist.comThe Consumerist is a consumer affairs blog run by Editor Ben Popken. As its name implies, the focus is on consumerism, and it deals with consumers’ experiences and issues with companies and corporations. Some of the stories are generated by the editors, but most are reader-submitted tips and complaints. Stories initially reported on The Consumerist have been featured in national media such as CNN and The New York Times.

Technorati ranks The Consumerist as the 54th biggest blog on the web today. They have been using PollDaddy to help solicit reader votes to determine which companies in the US have been performing badly at any given time. This is part of their “Which Company is Worse” campaign to find out Americas worst consumer company.

The Consumerist Blog

The Consumerist blog polls regularly garner vote counts in the tens of thousands and generate a lot of discussion in their comment threads. This is a really great example of how you can use PollDaddy to engage your viewers and get instant feedback from them on whatever topic you are currently writing about.

You can see a list of their previous polls on PollDaddy Answers. If you would like to find out more about using PollDaddy on your blog or website  then please stop by and say hi!

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