Automattic Acquires PollDaddy!


We are really pleased to announce today that PollDaddy has been acquired by Automattic! Automattic is the super team behind the blogging phenomenon that is WordPress. As most of you know, PollDaddy has been run by Lenny and Eoin up to now, and at times we have been pushed to the edge due to our various growth spurts over the past couple of years.

About 1 million polls have been created and 195 million votes have been collected to date. We have been busy!

The majority of our users are bloggers, and a large portion of them are using WordPress. We have been working closely with the Automattic team for the past few months on building better integration with WordPress and, in the end, it just seemed like the perfect fit for us to join them!

What does this mean for PollDaddy users?
We have now moved into the Automattic data centers, so over the coming weeks and months this will mean our site will be a lot more stable, polls will load faster and everything should run just the way you want it to.

We are still 100% focused on building PollDaddy support into as many platforms as possible, so you will see our support for MySpace, Ning, Blogger, Typepad, Hi5, Orkut, Piczo, etc. continue to improve and grow.

We are no longer a two-person team, we are now a 30 person team!

And best of all, if you happen to be using PollDaddy on your blog, from today on PollDaddy will be available directly in your post editor. (It will also be available to users as a free plugin)

Thank You
Thank you to all of our users who have stuck with us through good times and “down times.” There will be more good times than down time from here on in! Thank you to all of the support we received from our old parents in Infacta, Enterprise Ireland, WDC, Fergus Burns, Scott Rafer, Jonathan Hill, and Derek Mcdermott. And finally to Barry, Mike, Matt, Toni, and everyone at Automattic for helping us get setup so quickly.

If you have any questions about this news, please contact us directly and we’ll be happy to help.

Eoin & Lenny.

64 thoughts on “Automattic Acquires PollDaddy!

  1. Congrats on the acquisition. When are ye coming up to Carrickglass to celebrate. Bring back some moonshine from Aspen and watch-out for the rabid ski bunnies.

  2. i think you should edit this blog with a new header (like your site), some pages like ‘about’ or ‘poll examples’ or ‘our creators’ or something like that. you get the idea?

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