PollDaddy Version 2 Officially Launched!

The first version of PollDaddy launched back in October of 2006. Since then we have built up a great following amongst our users and have been busy working on the features that a lot of you have asked for. Today we are proud to announce version 2 of PollDaddy which has been in development for the past 6 months.

Whats New In Version 2?
There are three major additions to the new site. The first is the addition of our new online survey tool. In your account you can now start creating surveys with many different question types spread across multiple page. The second big addition is our new PollDaddy Pro account and finally we have also added a lot of features to our current poll system with more to come in the months ahead.

So why have we launched so many new features at once?
The first version of PollDaddy was really just an experiment for us. In order to provide the really great service that you guys deserve meant that we had to go back and change a lot of the code in the site to enable us to continue to grow; so it made more sense for us to go back and do it all at once. We now have a much more stable platform to build from and we plan on adding feature now on a monthly basis, so there will be no more big versions and long waits for new features. We will be adding features now as we build them.

New Features List
The poll system has been upgraded to include the following…

  • You can now have up to 100 answers in your poll (the previous limit was 30).
  • Poll results can be hidden from the voter or you can just display them as percentages now.
  • All text can now be changed in your polls for our non-english speaking friends.
  • Better standard reports for polls in your account plus XML, CSV exporting and report printing.
  • Pro account users can see individual vote data, voter location reports and IP address analysis to help detect fraudulent voting patterns.
  • Poll content will now be served from amazon S3 servers for increased reliability.

The survey system includes…

  • Create multi question multi page surveys!
  • Choose from many different question types.
  • Full foreign language support.
  • Advanced data reporting engine.
  • Easy to use survey creation editor.
  • Export as CSV, XML or print your data.

New PollDaddy Pro Accounts
First of all, your current PollDaddy Free account will still have all of the great features you have had up to now. Free users can also collect up to 100 survey responses per month.

Pro accounts starting at $20/month include….

  • Removal of the PollDaddy link from your polls and surveys
  • 1,000 survey responses per month included
  • No limitation on the amount of questions per survey
  • New poll reports showing individual voter data, voter location and IP address analysis

If you would like to upgrade to a Polldaddy Pro account then go to:

We would like to thank all of our users who have support us over the past 12 months. Please keep in touch and let us know if there is anything we are missing.

Lenny, Eoin & Jonathan.

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