PollDaddy loves food!


In an unfathomable display of kindness, a PollDaddy user was so overwhelmed by our great service, or possibly just felt sorry for us, sent us this beautiful hamper in the mail today. The TSW Ladies are now PollDaddy user number one! We love food and alcohol around here, and since we don’t charge people for using our service, both are usually in short supply. However, we will eat like kings today and worry about tomorrow some other time. If anyone else feels like sending us food, please do not hesitate.

THANK YOU Ladies from everyone here at PollDaddy!
5:00PM Hamper Arrives!

5:04PM A delighted Eoin hears the good news!

5:11PM Eating Starts!

8 thoughts on “PollDaddy loves food!

  1. I love polldaddy a lot that i’ve just discovered, and i would like to send you food too 🙂 but i think it wont be manageable because i live in Casablanca, Morocco (does your readers even know where is it? this question need a poll!)

    But email me your adress and i will send you postcards from here !


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