Random Answers


We are pleased to announce today that we have added randomization to your poll answers. When you create a PollDaddy poll, there is now a new option called ‘randomize answers’. Selecting this option means that each time your poll is viewed your answers are arranged in a random order. This eliminates voter bias towards answers at the top of your poll. If you have experience any difficulty with this new feature please contact us.

One thought on “Random Answers

  1. Poll daddy is really great. I only found it today and love it already.

    How about a ‘support’ blog? I realise that it’s a lot to ask you to offer support on a free product but perhaps we could help each other? I have a problem getting my poll to work in my blog on wordpress (even after following the guides) and I don’t know who to turn to.

    What do you think guys?

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