We are listening: The rating scale question, copy/pasting answer options, and a new feedback community.

Two requests have come up over and over again in the last few months:

“Could you please add a simple rating scale question to the survey?”


“We have multiple choice questions with 20 and more answer options, typing all these line by line is really annoying. How about copy/pasting them all at once?”

We have some good news for you. These features went live on our site in the last few weeks!

A Rating Scale Question

You will find this new rating scale question inside of your survey editor. It allows you to switch between a 5 scale and a 10 scale rating. Each label of your scale is customizable.

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Put Your Hands Together For the New Applause Block for WordPress

It is a simpler and more playful version of the Voting block. The main difference is that your readers are only able to give positive feedback with the Applause block, it allows them to show how excited they really are by making as much noise as they want!

In other words, the Applause block encourages repeated positive feedback, and is an easy, light-hearted way to take reader engagement to a new level.

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It’s Time to Vote! Introducing the Voting Block in Your WordPress Editor

Wouldn’t it be great to ask readers what they think without having to leave the editor or switch to another service or plugin?

That’s what we thought! Say hello to our new Voting Block.

It’s a simple block that adds two voting buttons, thumbs up and thumbs down to your post wherever you want to place them. If you only care about upvotes, that’s fine; removing the ‘thumbs down’ button is easy.

Customize the block in different sizes and colors, with or without a border, and with or without a visible vote counter. Make the block your own.

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Say hello to our first Gutenberg Block: the Poll Block

Do you have some burning questions to ask your audience? Now you can! We have a new block for the WordPress Gutenberg editor: a Poll Block.

Create and edit polls in the Gutenberg Editor

You can now edit a poll directly inside your Gutenberg editor. Creating a poll is as fast and simple as listing bullet points.
Answers can be defined in settings, such as “single answer” or “multiple answer” choices, “random answer order” and many more..

Everything else you expect from a Crowdsignal poll is also available such as a customised confirmation message, poll time frame, and avoidance of double voting.
There is no need to switch to another website, and no more copy/pasting of codes or URLs for embedding a poll into your WordPress post.

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Sync and export data in real time

When you’re collecting information with Crowdsignal, you’ll likely want to slice and dice the data with your preferred software tools.
The newly rebuilt Crowdsignal Data Export Experience lets you do just that.

Real Time Sync to Google Sheets

Connect your Google account to Crowdsignal and we’ll create a Google Sheets file that automatically syncs any time a new survey response comes in.

Email Notifications

You want to keep it simple? Get incoming results delivered right to your inbox. Enter your email address and you’ll be good to go in less than a minute.


Have big plans for your data? Use our HTTP Webhooks feature to deliver Crowdsignal results right to your own app or other platforms that support it, like Slack.

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