Using the “other” option for surveys

Adding the Other option to a multiple choice survey question is a great way to collect additional qualitative data from your survey participants. Clicking this option while setting up a survey allows participants to type in their own answer to a multiple choice survey question. Here’s how it works:

The Other option on multiple choice survey questions

Here, we’re using a survey to serve as a pizza order form. We’ve listed the top four pizzas our customers order in the multiple choice question:

To cover other types of pizza not listed in our multiple choice question, we’ll add an Other option to the question, by checking the box next to Include “other” option on the list of options in the gray box, on the right-hand side of the question:

When you launch your survey, the question appears like so:

Survey participants can type in their own answer, which you’ll see in the Detailed Report option of your survey’s report. To see the options participants entered under Other, hover over the title of your survey in your dashboard and click on Reports. Scroll down to the question, and click on the blue Detailed Report button:

You’ll see a list of the answers that your participants typed in: