Poll Whitelisting

Voting in a poll is rate limited by IP, even when no blocking is enabled. This means that a large number of votes coming from a single Internet address will trigger a cooldown block to help prevent cheating.

Sometimes this is tripped by many people at one location (for example in schools and offices) voting in a short period of time. Whitelisting a poll removes this rate limit.

Pro users can whitelist two polls at a time while Corporate and Enterprise users can whitelist ten polls.

Whitelisting a poll

To whitelist a poll you first need to click on the “Design Poll” link.

Design Poll

Once there you will see a checkbox under the poll name.


Once you click the checkbox remember to press the “Save Settings” button at the bottom of the page.

Save Settings

Managing your whitelisted polls

You can see all the polls you currently have whitelisted by clicking on the “Whitelist” link in the Crowdsignal header.

Once there you will see a listing of all the polls that you currently have whitelisted.


Here you can click the “Edit Poll” link to edit it or click the “Delete from Whitelist” link to remove it from the whitelist.

Whitelist Options