How do I embed my survey into my website?

The most important part of any survey is having your audience participate in it.
There are various ways of distributing the survey, and they can all be found by clicking on “Share” in your survey editor:

After the click, you will see a modal window that will offer you a variety of options. If you choose the tab “Embed” you will see three basic embed options:

Embed Survey via iFrame – in HTML code

Insert the survey directly into your website using an auto-resizing iframe. Simply copy the code snippet into your clipboard, go to the HTML code of your website and paste the snippet wherever you would like to embed your survey.

Embed Survey to your WordPress site via Shortcode or Link

If you have a WordPress site, things are even easier: Just copy the link of your survey, or the shortcode into your WordPress editor, and the survey will be embedded. Simple.

Embed via Javascript

The third option is to embed your survey into your website via pasting our javascript code snipped into your site’s code.

Please note that you must paste the JavaScript code as plain text. If you paste the code into a visual editor then it will display on your website as code.

Important! In order to make the Javascript embed work, your website must contain a valid non-quirks mode DOCTYPE. If you don’t know what this then it probably contains one!

Website Popup Slider

The fourth embed option is via a popup. The slider popup is a more interactive method of embedding and will display a small dialog that slides onto the page.
Choose the “tab” popup in the modal window menu.

In a first step, you can change the title, body, and button text.

In the second step you can choose how you want to embed the popup to your site.

On a WordPress site you simply poste a shortcode to your page into the editor.

On any other website you need to paste a little javascript code into your site’s code.

When a participant clicks on the slider popup button, the survey will appear in a popup window.