Customize survey sharing on Facebook

When you share a Crowdsignal survey on Facebook, the title, description, and image are automatically taken from the survey itself.

  • The title is taken from the survey name on the “Edit Survey” page.
  • The description comes from the “Start Message” of the survey.
  • The image is either the first image found in the “Start Message” of the survey or a default Crowdsignal image.

If you’d like to edit or customize them, click Edit Facebook sharing details on the “Collect Responses” section of your survey:

Scroll down the sharing details form to update how your survey looks on Facebook

Use the form to edit the title, description, and image to customize how Facebook shares your surveys. Change any of the details and click on the “Update sharing details” button.

If you don’t modify the sharing information, the latest version of the survey details are used. If you do change them, these details Facebook will display the modified information when your survey is shared.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

What is Crowdsignal’s default sharing image?

Crowdsignal provides the following optimized image for social media sharing:

Crowdsignal: Get the responses you need anywhere
Crowdsignal’s default social media sharing image

Why doesn’t Facebook update when I change the title, description, or image on my survey?

Facebook takes a snapshot of your survey at the moment you share it. Once you’ve posted a survey on Facebook, the only way to change how it looks is to edit the survey’s sharing details and post it again.

You might also run into this issue if Facebook has cached the details of your survey — if this happens, it might not display your updates even after editing the survey and re-posting it. To refresh Facebook’s cache, you can use Facebook’s Sharing Debugger Tool. The Sharing Debugger Tool is developed and maintained by Facebook, not by Crowdsignal, but it’s the best approach for dealing with this issue.

Facebook’s Sharing Debugger Tool

Access Facebook’s Sharing Debugger Tool here:

This tool will show you how Facebook sees your survey when sharing it. When you open it, it will look like this:

Sharing Debugger Tool

Copy your survey’s public URL from the “Direct link” section on the Collect Responses page:

Survey’s “Collect Responses” page, “Direct link” section

Paste your survey’s public URL into the Sharing Debugger Tool and click “Debug” to see how your survey looks on Facebook:

Sharing Debugger Tool report for a survey

To force Facebook to clear the cache and update your content, click on the “Scrape Again” button:

Zoom: the “Scrape Again” button to force update the content

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance.

Where can I find more information on Facebook sharing best practices?

You can read about it in Facebook’s documentation: