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Track Your Net-Promoter-Score on WordPress.

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Crowdsignal NPS block for WordPress
Measure customer satisfaction and loyalty with a simple block.
Crowdsignal NPS block for WordPress
Crowdsignal NPS block for WordPress
Net Promoter Score

A customer experience metrics used by companies around the world.

Monitor your product and service improvements over time in real time. Identify unsatisfied and at-risk customers.
More Than A Score

Gather real time feedback. Understand your customers.

After customers rate your product, they provide feedback in their own words. Learn how you can improve their experience.
Example: Net Promoter Score Dashboard

Analyse your results in real time, export them everywhere!

It works out of the box!
No coding required!
No sign up needed!
No credit card required!
How to implement a
NPS Survey:
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