SSL Support for Polls


We now have full SSL support for our poll widgets as an option in our Pro and Corporate accounts. Due to the extra server load involved in serving widgets this way, it will not be available in the free account. To embed your polls on a secure web page just look our for the check box in the poll embed dialog. This is also available for survey embeds.

Upgrade your account today to access this great feature.

18 thoughts on “SSL Support for Polls

    1. SSL is a secure connection between your browser and a website. In the context of Polldaddy it means you can place a poll or survey on an SSL-enabled website and not have your browser complain that the poll/survey is being served from a non-SSL website.

  1. What about ssl for the ratings widgets? It’s great for the polls, now add support for the ratings please.

  2. I really don t understand why free accounts can use this support. It isn t a good thing. So if we dont have money don t have support.

    1. The additional hardware requirements of supporting an SSL connection means that it’s currently not feasible to provide for all free Polldaddy polls

  3. Im glad that this ssl security program is in placed, however im saddened that its not included with your free account
    users at this time. Because our information can be used anykind of way that someone wants to use it, and theres
    verylittle that we can do about it? Do you see a future sharing for people of your free account?

    1. Your personal information is still secure and is not available to anyone. SSL support just means you can use a poll on an SSL enabled website and not have security warnings appear.

  4. Does this work with the “Map your domain to” feature? If so, does this require an EV certificate? I don’t understand x.509 well enough to know if the browser would be expecting a certificate for * or * Any insight you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks.

  5. It has been quite a while and there is still no support for SSL with the ratings. We are planning to use the ratings in our Intranet and it generates an IE security message (the standard non-secure content message when http is referenced in an https site).

    We are a large corporate client of yours and we’d really like to know when the SSL for ratings is going to go live as we need to communicate this to our project managers as they outline the project scope.


      1. Thank you but one of your colleagues (Eoin) wrote this regarding an SSL @ ratings comment.
        “Thank you for the suggestion, this is in the pipeline.”

      2. Hi Nabeel,

        There are some activities that need to take place first to make SSL available for ratings. These activities are on our list, but are not planned to be complete for the foreseeable future.

  6. Hi Polldaddy. We have a pro account, and often collect names or emails in our surveys. If I want to direct link to the survey from our site, as we can’t embed in our CMS, is this only secure if we add Https:// to the front (not included in the link you offer to direct link cut and paste) ? If so, when someone then clicks submit, is the data, including the name/email, they have given transferred securely to your system and protected under SSL?


      1. Hi,

        I’m doing something similar. I’m using the direct link that is generated by Polldaddy. Does this mean that whilst I can change http to https and show the poll over SSL, the information submitted when the user hits “submit” is sent over plain http? And the only way to ensure that the input form and details submitted are sent securely is to use the embedded version?

        Thanks in advance.

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