Password protect surveys and quizzes

Sharing direct links to surveys and quizzes is as easy as copying and pasting them into an email or even broadcasting them over Twitter. There are times when you will want to password protect your content to ensure only your target audience gets the chance to complete your survey or quiz. Read on to learn how to set a password. The process is the same for surveys and quizzes, but we’ll use a survey as an example.

Once you’ve created your survey, hover over the title of it in your dashboard and click on Edit:


Next, select Settings and then, Restrictions.

Click on the Password protection checkbox, to reveal a text box. Enter your password into the text box and click the black Save button:

You’ll need to be sure to share the password with your participants so that they can access the survey.

When participants visit a password-protected survey, they’ll be asked to enter the password to proceed to the survey: