iWeb HTML snippet support for polls

If you are experiencing problems with polls on your iWeb site then it is usually because the site is not recognizing our embed code. We have seen this with Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers in particular.

We have identified two work arounds…

Edit the HTML directly

  • First delete the HTML Snippet from the page.
  • Open this HTML page in a text editor.
  • Insert the javascript widget code into the HTML directly where you want the poll to be rendered on that page.
  • Save the page and try it out.

Use an iframe

  • Create a script file anywhere on your site.
  • Insert the poll’s javascript embed code and save the new script file, e.g. mypoll.html.
  • Insert the following code (*) into the HTML Snippet
  • <IFRAME SRC = "http://web.mac.com/idiskname/docs/mypoll.html" ALLOWTRANSPARENY="true" BODY STYLE="background-color:tansparent" WIDTH="325px" HEIGHT="325px" FRAMEBORDER="0" --if "0" no border, otherwise "1" with border MARGINWIDTH ="0px" MARGINHEIGHT="0px" SCROLLING="no" --"no" no scrolling bar, "yes" show always, "auto" showed when need > Your browser does not support IFRAME </IFRAME>
  • Change the SRC property to the location of your new script file.
  • Change the WIDTH and HEIGHT properties to match the dimensions of the poll.
  • Save the page and try it out.

* thanks to Artotems iWeb Tips for the second work around.