Crowdsignal FAQ

Crowdsignal will be changing its name to Crowdsignal on October 22. Here are some answers to a few questions you may have about the change:

Q. What will happen to the surveys and polls I currently have embedded on my website?
A. They will continue to function normally and will do so indefinitely.

Q. Will my poll or survey on still load?
A. If your poll or survey isn’t embedded, the link you used before will still work. After October 22, new polls will be served from, while new surveys and quizzes will be served from

Q. My network has a firewall. Will that stop me using the new site?
A. No. Make sure that is whitelisted. You may also need to whitelist,,, and

Q. How do I log in to the new site?
A. You will use the same “log in with” button and use your usual account.

Q. Will my paid Crowdsignal subscription be transferred over?
A. Yes. There won’t be any change to that.

Q. Will I have to change the bookmark for my poll or survey results?
A. No. The website will redirect to a new URL automatically.

Q. Will my privacy be affected by this change? Will the terms & conditions change?
A. Crowdsignal and Crowdsignal are both owned by Automattic and we continue to be governed by the same terms & conditions and privacy policy.