Align Polls Left or Right Within WordPress Posts

If you’ve got a site or a self-hosted site, you can use our handy shortcode to align polls either left or right and have your site content wrap around them. Here’s how to do it.

Once you’ve created your poll, hover over the title of your poll in your dashboard and click on Collect Votes:


On the Collect Votes page, select the option for WordPress:


You’ll see a WordPress shortcode that looks like this:

[crowdsignal poll="123456"]

Aligning Polls to the Right in a Post

To align your poll to the right, you would add align="right" to the shortcode, like so:

[crowdsignal poll="123456" align="right"]

Then, copy and paste this shortcode into a new post on your site. Now, your poll aligns to the right side of your post, allowing your site content to flow around it:

Aligning polls to the left in a post

To align your poll to the left, simply add align="left" to the short code, like so:

[crowdsignal poll="123456" align="left"]

Copy the shortcode and paste it into a new post on your site. Again, presto! Your poll will align to the left of your post, allowing your content to flow around it.