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We are listening: The rating scale question, copy/pasting answer options, and a new feedback community.

by Thomas Schinabeck | March 2nd 2021

Two requests have come up over and over again in the last few months:

“Could you please add a simple rating scale question to the survey?”


“We have multiple choice questions with 20 and more answer options, typing all these line by line is really annoying. How about copy/pasting them all at once?”

We have some good news for you. These features went live on our site in the last few weeks!

A Rating Scale Question

You will find this new rating scale question inside of your survey editor. It allows you to switch between a 5 scale and a 10 scale rating. Each label of your scale is customizable.

Copy/Paste Answers to Multiple Choice Questions

Typing long lists is no fun. From now on, just copy your list of answer options, and then paste them into one of the answer options in the Crowdsignal editor. Done.

We hope these changes make your life a little easier. We value feedback and that brings us to the last bit of news we wanted to share with you:

We would like to encourage you to ask for more! What do you need? What are we missing? Please, don’t be shy and let us know. 

And to make this even easier we should have a place where we could have a conversation about all these potential Crowdsignal improvements. 

A Place for Everything Around Crowdsignal – Our Feedback P2

Say hello to our new Crowdsignal Feedback P2

What is this? It’s a place for you and other Crowdsignal users to get in contact with our team, learn about the latest Crowdsignal features and meet other people that try to ask better questions. Support queries should still go to the usual place to make sure you get a speedy response.

But wait, what is a P2? Glad you asked. P2 is a workspace tool created by our colleagues and friends from Automattic. It’s the main space our company with over 1,500 people runs on. Learn more about it here.

Please don’t be a stranger! Ask a question about Crowdsignal, post a feature request, point out something that could be done better or join an ongoing conversation. We are looking forward to meeting you there!

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