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Collect Customer Feedback via QR-Codes for… your Coffee Shop

by Thomas Schinabeck | May 21st 2020

Feedback is incredibly valuable for any kind of business, especially if you’re in the service industry. It helps you understand your customers, improve your store, drinks, and food, and make smart menu and staff decisions.

But how do you collect information without bothering people? How do you organize it and use it to make actionable decisions? We all have this great tool in the pocket, our phone. Any of your customers could give you feedback via their phone in less than 30 seconds. How? QR codes! Quick Response (QR) codes are a special type of barcode readable by any modern smartphone, using the phone’s camera or QR code reader app. They can link to any website — including, for example, to an online survey you create with Crowdsignal.

Want to try it yourself? Open your camera app and aim it at the QR code below:

Let’s  walk you through creating an online survey and incorporating a QR code, and look at some creative ways to use them together.

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