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Make money with the Polldaddy affilate program

Today we are announcing our new affiliate program for Now you can earn up to $100 for each new paying customer you refer to us. How It Works First up you need to apply for our affiliate program and help us understand how you plan to refer users to use. Once you get accepted […]

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SSL Support for Polls

We now have full SSL support for our poll widgets as an option in our Pro and Corporate accounts. Due to the extra server load involved in serving widgets this way, it will not be available in the free account. To embed your polls on a secure web page just look our for the check […]

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New Posterous Support for Polls

You can now easily add polls to your Posterous blog posts using our new Polldaddy-Posterous integration. Look out for the new Posterous option when embedding a poll. Just grab the link from the embed dialog and paste it into your post. It will then auto-magically turn into a poll! If there are any other services […]

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Copy a Survey Question

Now this is a feature that is a little overdue! You can now copy questions in your survey. When editing your question just hover over the one you want to copy and click the ‘Copy’ link as shown below in the image. The new copied question will then show up below the original one. All […]

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Announcing Polldaddy Version 3

Today we are launching a new version of Version 3.0! This version is more about usability and looks than new features. Over the past year or two we have added so many new features to Polldaddy, that at times we did not always find a good place to put them. So for this version […]

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PollDaddy Stats

Its been a super busy year at PollDaddy HQ since we joined Automattic. Our team has grown from 2 to 4 (welcome John and Kevin) and we also have a large network of developers, systems, and biz dev people from Automattic who drop in occasionally and lend a hand. This year we have focused on […]

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