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Restrict survey access by email address and CAPTCHAs

We have added a couple more options to allow you control who has access to your surveys. You can already restrict access by IP address whitelisting and/or specifying a password to protect your survey from unwanted access. Now you can also use Email address whitelisting and Captcha entry protection. With the email address whitelisting restriction, […]

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Update! Polldaddy WordPress Plugin at 2.0.12

We have updated the WordPress plugin to version 2.0.12. The fact that the version number and the current year are the same is pretty neat but entirely coincidental! It’s a minor update but it fixes some layout issues that arose with the move to WordPress 3.3. I have also cleaned up the poll, survey, and […]

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Add Ratings to your Blogger and Tumblr blogs

It’s now possible to integrate ratings into Blogger and Tumblr sites so that the one rating can be used across your blog to track how your content is rated. The advantage of this is you don’t need to post a unique rating with each post, as one will be included automatically. In the rating reports […]

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Polldaddy Increases Survey Response Limits

We are excited to report that we are increasing┬áthe survey response limits here at Polldaddy. This means you can collect at least twice as many responses per month than before. So who gets what? The Free account response limit has been increased from 100 to 200 responses per month. The Pro account response limit has […]

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Poll results just got fancy

We have added a couple of extra options to the poll editor, that will give you more control over how your poll results look. Under the results section, if you choose to show your results, these extra options will magically appear. The first option is Show Media. This option allows HTML and media embeds to render […]

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