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Polldaddy ranked surveys

At Automattic we try to be as transparent, collaborative, and democratic as possible, which is why we recently used Polldaddy to decide where to have our next team meeting. Our team had four potential locations to choose from, and to ensure everyone had an equal say we used a preferential voting system: the Polldaddy ranked survey. When you […]

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No more response limits!

Before today, there were limits on the amount of survey data you could collect. If you had a free account, you could only ask 10 questions in your survey, and collect a total of 200 responses per month. If your survey was successful, and you received more than 200 responses, you’d be asked to upgrade. […]

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Don’t forget about Survey Language Packs

Even though I’ve been doing Polldaddy support for a while now I’m constantly amazed by the interesting and unique ways people are using the product. One of the most useful and underrated features is our language packs. When most people think of language packs they immediately think of translations and foreign languages. While language packs […]

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Polldaddy Plugin Polishes Portable Polls

I tried to alliterate more Ps in that headline, but five is about all I can come up with. Hopefully by now, your WordPress installation has alerted you to the fancy new Polldaddy plugin, which is now at version 2.0.3. We’ve made a lot of subtle but important changes to the interface to improve usability […]

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Nine New Survey Styles

At Polldaddy, we’re constantly trying to make your experience with us the best it can be. By making Polldaddy easier to use and more enjoyable to look at, we hope to bring you one of the nicest experiences the web has to offer. We love our old survey styles, but we thought it was time […]

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