Add Links to Poll Answer Options

Krista Stevens

Adding links to poll answer options is a snap—it’s a great way to provide additional information to participants before they vote or add a little fun into your polls. All you need to know is a little bit of HTML. Let’s walk through how to do it.

We’ll use our cookie poll as an example. We want to provide a link to a recipe for each answer option.

Here’s the link we’ll use for the Chocolate Chip answer option, complete with a tooltip, using the title attribute of the anchor element to alert participants to the recipe:

<a href="" title="click for a recipe">Chocolate Chip</a>

We place this code right into our answer option field, like so:

Here’s a preview of what our poll will look like. When someone hovers over the answer options, they’ll see the tooltip that instructs them to click for a recipe:

And here’s our poll. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite cookie or add your own!


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