PollDaddy Server Maintenance (Thursday 4th October 2007)


diggbutton.jpgThe PollDaddy.com site will be inaccessible for a period of up to 4 hours starting at 11am GMT this Thursday 4th of October. Please accept our apologies for the short notice of this down time. In the past 2 months we have seen a big surge in traffic to the PollDaddy.com site and our current server can no longer handle the demand. We have decided to move forward the upgrading of our servers to this Thursday to avoid any more problems with the site.

Your polls will still remain active throughout the process but you will not be able to log into your account during this time. We expect that up to 20 minutes worth of votes will not be collected from your polls while moving to our new servers but unfortunately this is unavoidable. If you are planning to conduct any important polls over the next few days we would ask you to refrain from doing so until Friday morning.

So what are we doing?

Up to now we have been using the server below to power the PollDaddy.com website and it can no longer supply the capacity that we require.


(Here are some PollDaddy engineers at work on our current server)

On Thursday we will be moving to 2 new Dell PowerEdge 840 servers with Quad Core 2.13 GHz processors and 4GB of Ram. This should increase our current capacity dramatically.


(Here is the solution!)

Once again sorry for the short notice of this upgrade and any problems you may have encountered on the site recently. Thank you to all of our users who have stuck with us so far. We have some exciting new features coming soon that will further enhance our current product offering.


The PollDaddy Team.

35 thoughts on “PollDaddy Server Maintenance (Thursday 4th October 2007)

  1. Hahahahaha, are you joking all the time, its great !!! 😉

    I ask myself if you need help to translate the poll to other languages, i like polls in spanish and Gallego, if you need my help just ask me 😉


  2. Great service you guys. I love it and use it frequently. Do your thing, we can wait. It’s worth it. BTW I have all my blogs on wordpress and never had a problem putting a poll on any of them.

    Thanks again.

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